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Poets and translators attend The International High Level Forum on Contemporary Chinese Poetry Translation and Transmission in Beijing on Friday. Photos: Zhang YuchenGT
An international forum to promote contemporary Chinese poetry overseas kicked off in Beijing on Friday. A major highlight of the forum was the focus on establishing cooperation between poets and translators to help increase the quality and appeal of translated poetry.

The two-day event Kenny Golladay Womens Jersey , The International High Level Forum on Contemporary Chinese Poetry Translation and Transmission, also marked the establishment of the Key Points Poetry Translation Studio (KPPTS).

At the opening ceremony for the forum, Chinese poet Jidi Majia, also vice-chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, spoke about the tough situation contemporary Chinese poetry faces today and expressed his hope that the establishment of KPPTS will help establish better communication between poets and translators over the world.

"It is necessary for poets to participate in the translation process Jarrad Davis Womens Jersey , otherwise you cannot guarantee the authenticity of the translation," Jidi Majia added.

Jennifer Feeley, a US translator and a poet, echoed the sentiment.

"It is important to have a native speaker of the language. Not only to translate, but to carry out deeper selection in the editorial process.

"Because sometimes Marvin Jones Jr Womens Jersey , a poem that sounds really great in Chinese doesn't really work in English or Italian for different reasons, but could be translated really well if Chinese poets get involved. So I think it really helps if we have more cooperation by both parties," she said.

More than 20 well-known Chinese poets were invited to attend the forum, as well as translators, publishers and activists from 12 countries including Belgium Golden Tate III Womens Jersey , Germany, France, Canada and the UK. During the forum, both domestic and foreign experts discussed the translation of contemporary Chinese poetry and the art form's continued development overseas.

Most experts agreed that contemporary Chinese poetry has long been trapped in an awkward situation where the many translations that exist in different languages are rarely seen in bookstores.

Many at the forum explained that this was most likely because the focus overseas is still ancient Chinese poetry.

The lack of qualified translators is also a major issue according to the experts at the forum.

Zhao Si, KPPTS founder and also a poet and translator in her own right Darius Slay Jr Womens Jersey , pointed out that many translators focus too much on adhering to the structure of the original poetry.

"Most scholars and translators focus on formalism. They are trying to restore the form of the poetry," Zhao said, admitting that while this "has academic value," such translations are difficult to recognize as being poetry.

"This is why I have suggested that poets become more involved with the translation process," she continued.

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Posted by slimlifesolutions in Society on May 25th Matthew Stafford Womens Jersey , 2018

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Dr. Eslami earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Tehran in Iran. Upon graduation, Dr. Eslami completed two years of service in the military as a general practitioner. In 1999 he relocated to the United States and completed a residency program in General Surgery at the University of Maryland in Baltimore Ziggy Ansah Womens Jersey , and was awarded a chief residency completion in both surgical trauma and intensive care shock trauma. He then went on to the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas to complete his fellowship in Advanced Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery.

In addition to his formal education, Dr. Eslami has been very involved with clinical research, and often presents his articles at various conferences around the country.

Dr Eslami is an active member of the medical staff at several Mercy Hospitals. He has obtained Board Certification in Surgery from the American Board of Surgery. He is a member of the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) . Dr Eslami is designated as a Center of Excellence- Bariatric Surgeon through the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) of which he is an active member. Dr. Eslami is a piano player and he enjoys spending time with friends and family, participating in cultural meetings, and reading history in his spare time.


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