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The varieties of coverage you need depends on several factors: The size of your small business Authentic Rayshawn Jenkins Jersey , how your small business is organized (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC) Authentic Forrest Lamp Jersey , number of employees, type of compensation you're receiving (salary, fees, commissions) Authentic Dan Feeney Jersey , nature of small business (service, product), where it is located, and your exposure to liability.

Things to ponder:

Heaven forbid Authentic Mike Williams Jersey , but do you have more than enough insurance to protect your spouse and children? If you have a small service business, your small business is worth Zero when you die. For example, the spouse of a deceased doctor or lawyer can only sell the tools of the trade, not the clients (the true bread and butter of any small service business). Get a crystal ball and see into the future to know when you are going to die then you could sell your small business before you kick the bucket. Otherwise Authentic Jahleel Addae Jersey , all small service business owners should protect their families with a minimum coverage of 7X gross income.

But say that at the time of your demise, you want to have a family member take control of your small business. Well, there are two questions that you have to ask yourself. One, are they capable of taking over and Authentic Keenan Allen Jersey , two, are they licensed?

What happens if you get ill or suffer an injury and can no longer run your small business? Do you have disability insurance? This type of coverage will usually give you approximately 60% of your income, for a stipulated period of time. On top of that, your disability benefits could be non-taxable or taxable depending on whether you claimed the premium as a business expense.

More you have "business overhead insurance"? Who will cover the costs of running your small business (utilities Authentic Melvin Ingram Jersey , insurance, salaries) while you're out of commission? Your small business overhead expenses will not be covered by your disability insurance unless you include it as an add-on.

Got business partners? Do you have a buysell agreement? Should your partner die, you will be protecting your interest in the business. Here's a great example of this: your partner dies and his wife wants to claim her share of the business. Do you really want your deceased partner's relatives to take over their share of the business? Well, if you have this type of insurance coverage Authentic Joey Bosa Jersey , you could avoid all of this interference by outside parties by simply buying out your partner's share of the business.

What about "disability buy-out coverage"? Do you have it? If your partner becomes severely disabled, what would you do? How would you feel if you had to keep on paying your partner for years to come when they cannot do any work because of their disability? After a period of time, this type of coverage would force your disabled partner to sell you his share of the business, based on a previously signed equitable agreement.

Of course Authentic Melvin Gordon Jersey , it's entirely possible that none of these problems may ever come up but it's your small business after all. Now, all you have to do is speak to a professional to determine what varieties of insurance coverage you need to protect your small business.
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Edward Brancheau created The Bank of Green to advise small businesses about subjects like small business health insurance and to help individuals build wealth through their mortgage.

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