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ROME, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- An Italian man was among the victims of a shooting occurred outside a nightclub in a Mexican resort, the Italian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday.

His identity was not immediately disclosed by the ministry. According to local media, the man would have been running a restaurant in Mexico, together with his partner.

The shooting took place in a resort of Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula during an electronic music festival early on Monday.

Overall, four people were killed in the attack, including two Canadians and a Colombian national, and at least a dozen wounded, ANSA news agency has reported.

A fifth person, a woman, would have died in a stampede following the shooting.

Local authorities ruled out terrorism as a motive of the attack.

In a statement released on Facebook, the BPM Festival managing the event described the assault as the deed of a "lone shooter." Three of the victims were members of the festival's security team, BPM added.

The Italian Foreign Ministry stated it was in contact with the local embassy in Mexico City, and with local authorities, in order to provide the victim's relatives with all available assistance. Enditem

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