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Colitis is the medical term used to refer to an acute inflammatory condition of the colon. It is associated with the inflammation of the intestine andor the rectum. Colitis causes inflammation and sores Danny Portugal Jersey , called ulcers, in the top layer of the large intestine. The inflammation causes diarrhea, while the ulcers bleed and produce pus and mucus. Colitis can afflict any gender, at any age. There are different types of colitis, including ulcerative colitis Danilo Pereira Portugal Jersey , pseudomembranous colitis and fulminant colitis. They have varying symptoms and one or more types can afflict patients at the same time. Colitis can be diagnosed through inspection of fecal matter. Ulcerative and fulminant colitis may cause bloody diarrhea. This can result in high fever and anemia in patients. Pseudomembranous colitis results in terrible smelling diarrhea and abdominal pain. This kind of colitis is a bacterial infection. Without appropriate treatment it can be fatal.Colitis can be diagnosed through colonoscopy. Anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrheal drugs are also prescribed to help cure colitis. Patients with colitis are usually treated with the drug sulfasalazine. Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, heartburn and weight loss. Adrenal steroids are administered in severe cases of colitis. Colitis patients carry a high risk of colon cancer. About 20 to 25 percent of ulcerative colitis patients eventually require surgery for removal of parts the colon because of massive bleeding, chronic debilitating illness, perforation of the colon or the risk of cancer. Over 2 million people in the US are estimated to have colitis. Ulcerative colitis is most often found in people under the age of 30. The disease generally occurs in people in their 60s or older Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Jersey , though, and affects men and women equally. Researchers believe that the body茂驴陆s immune system reacts to a virus or bacteria by causing ongoing inflammation in the intestinal wall. Some doctors are of the opinion that the immune system reaction may be a result, not the cause, of the disease. Thai people believe in many false notion or superstition. Their lives revolve around noble and evil spirits. Hence Thais use amulet as a protective weapon to defend themselves from the unwanted attentions of such bad spirits. In fact it is one of the main centres of Buddhism Religion in the world which is popular for its wide use of amulets. In order to get blessings of Buddha, people irrespective of age wear the antique Buddha amulets around the neck.


It is believed that Lord Buddha grants success Cedric Portugal Jersey , power, and good progress, prosperity in wealth and luck in their lives who possess the antique Buddha amulets. A Thai Buddha amulet is a kind of Thai Buddhist blessed item. With passing time, amulet does not simply mean "gift", but a type of tool to help boost luck in different features. For centuries people use amulets to improve marriage Bruno Alves Portugal Jersey , wealth, health, love and relationship. With experience and faith in Buddha, amulets have worked wonders in the life of their possessors.


In earlier times, almost all guru monks had dedicated themselves to temples. They devoted themselves to build a lot of infra-structures in many temples .To buy materials for building temples plenty of money was required. So to increase fund monks initiated a system of presenting amulets to donors in exchange. Devotees who contribute money or offer oil to the temple are rewarded with an antique Buddha amulet as a gift or blessing of Thai Buddhist monk after making the contribution. The strong power of amulet depends on the acts and consequences from both monk who blessed it and amulet’s owner. Traditionally when a structure or Stupa is built Thai amulets are placed under it. Some amulets can be found under the structures when collapses.


All Thai Buddhists pay homage to Lord Buddha. Almost all of them generally have minimum one antique Buddha amulet. These amulets are designed with the illustration of Buddha or famous guru monks. Even figure of the monk who created the amulets themselves can be founded on the amulets. Amulets come in several sizes and shapes such as round Blank Portugal Jersey , square, triangle and other curved shapes.It can be made of bone, plaster, stone, wood Bernardo Silva Portugal Jersey , metal, and other substances such as soil from old temples, and personal belonging from famous monks, to add defensive power to the amulets.With incorporation of own style and emblem an ordinary amulet becomes an attractive and fashionable one. The value of an amulet depends on different aspects from its origin, development Anthony Lopes Portugal Jersey , availability, creator to its age and magic classes.


In today’s generation these amulets can be acquired from stores with a high price. But most of them available in market are fake and ambiguous. They are not blessed by Buddhist monks and are usually worthless. Moreover the power of an antique Buddha amulet depends on the ways of its creation. Amulets eventually lose its influence if it is completed with the help of black magic. While the amulet created by Buddhists thoughtful power will retain its power forever. If you possess an amulet then you must withdraw yourself from doing evils otherwise will not be protected. To protect yourself and bless yourself with a great success you have to keep unconditional faith in Buddha.
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