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Imagine the smell of a bouquet of the intoxicating oriental lily

Perfume making is a versatile and interesting field that allows for endless creativity for a niche perfume maker set up a profitable fragrance business.

Hmmm! How was that for you?

Developing a great sense of smell is absolutely important and not difficult to pick up for most people.
They are able to tap into several very profitable niches that the big perfume houses are not really interested in.
Now create a mental image in your mind of you peeling a ripe, juicy orange, rub the peels in your palms to release the aroma, now dip your nose down and inhale deeply, how lovely is that?

Going on from there, start Perfume Jars to mentally combine all the odor notes one by one until there are all Pet Bottle Manufacturers in China mixed together and you are fully immersed in a world aroma explosion.

So how does one get started?

Learning to appreciate scents and their characters is absolutely essential for any budding perfumer. Next, imagine the blast of fruity sweetness from biting into a crisp and crunchy apple. Odors to a perfume maker are like colors to an artist.
They provide an outlet for the expression of the perfumers creativity, style and spirit of adventure. All you need is an active imagination and to expose yourself to different odors, with time and practice, youll be amazed at how good you get.

This type of thinking outside of the box method is how many successful niche perfume makers started, and they are now running multi-million dollar businesses with huge cult following all over the world.

For instance, imagine the smell of a bouquet of the intoxicating oriental lily, then think of the freshness of a clear spring morning.


The main goal of most niche perfume specialists is to offer unconventional and more exotic blends to meet the needs of customers who want that little bit extra, or something different from the commercial perfumes that are generally available in the department stores.

Independent niche perfume businesses are doing particularly well in the market place because of the unique services and products they offer. The scents made by this sector of the perfume industry are often an alternative to mass produced fragrances.Niche perfumery can be explained as small scale or specialized perfume making



2017-11-28 03:10:19

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