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Lightweight composite metal foams could prove to make all the difference when it comes to x-ray and gamma ray shieldingand neutron radiation protectionas they can absorb the energy created during high-impact collisions Authentic Joe Flacco Jersey , says study. This study was published in the Radiation Physics and Chemistry Journal and was authored by researchers from NC State. The work was also supported by the Nuclear Energy University Program grant offered by DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

“There’s an opportunity to use composite metal foam to develop safer systems for transporting nuclear waste, more efficient designs for spacecraft and nuclear structures, and new shielding for use in CT scanners,” says AfsanehRabiei Authentic Lamar Jackson Jersey , one of the authors of this study, professor of aerospace engineering at NC State. This means that metal foams could be extremely useful for space exploration applications, medical technology and nuclear safety.

This lightweight metal foam was first built to be used in military and transportation applications, but the authors also wanted to determine whether it could be helpful in space exploration applications and nuclear radiationprotection Authentic Jaleel Scott Jersey , and to examine whether this metal foam could protect against high impact, offer structural support and provide radiation shielding against different types of radiation.

To examine its use, the study conducted several tests to examine the foam’s effectiveness at gamma ray shielding, x-ray shielding and radiation protection. This was then compared to the performance of materials that are currently being used in all kinds of shielding applications. The comparison proved that while each sample had the same weight Authentic Kenny Young Jersey , it varied in terms of volume.

A composite material known as high-Z steel-steel was found to be the most effective in offering protection against all three forms of radiation. This metal is mostly comprises of stainless steel, but it also contains small quantities of tungsten. The major difference is that its structure was modified so that the composite foam which included tungsten wasn’t denser than metal foams made using stainless steel only.

The shielding performance of this new material was then tested against different types of gamma rays as gamma rays can have different energies depending on the source material. For example, barium emits low energy gamma rays while cobalt or cesium emits higher-energy rays.

The study went on to show that high-Z steel-steelfoam was on par with most bulk materials at blocking high-energy gamma rays, but it was far better than most Authentic Anthony Averett Jersey , including bulk steel, in blocking out low-energy gamma rays. The material also outshone others when it came to neutron radiation protection and x-ray shielding.

This foam is non-toxic which makes it easy to recycle and manufacture. It can also act as a viable candidate for nuclear structural applications because of its thermal and mechanical properties, and its capability to absorb energy. Researchers are now working on modifying the composition of this metal foam to make it a more effective shield against x-rays. Rabiei says that early results are extremely promising.

Basic Information about Breast Implants Health Articles | January 18, 2012
While most people would understand a reference to breast implants Authentic Orlando Brown Jr. Jersey , the development and use of these implants is not always known. Read on to learn more.

While most people would understand a reference to breast implants, the development and use of these implants is not always known. The breast implant is classified as a prosthetic device, much like a fake leg used on patients who have lost a lower limb. The implants are specially designed to imitate the look and feel of natural mammary tissue and have several uses today. While the most commonly known use is breast augmentation, their development was meant for women who had breast cancer. The basic treatment for breast cancer is removing mammary tissue in a procedure known as a mastectomy Authentic Mark Andrews Jersey , leaving a woman's chest completely flat. The implant is inserted into the chest cavity to recreate the appearance of breasts and has proven to be highly successful over the years. Breast implants are made of three basic materials.

The first option is a saline implant where a silicone shell is filled with a saline solution. This solution provides a natural feeling and imitates the tissue well. The second option is a silicone shell filled with silicone gel. A firmer option that helps avoid the natural sagging of breast tissue that comes with age. Third option is a variety of materials placed into a silicone shell. These materials can vary from certain types of oil or any other liquid material. A person thinking about getting breast implants should consider each option available and talk to a licensed doctor before deciding which is best. One of the biggest drawbacks to breast implants is breastfeeding. For those who choose to get breast implants early in life and then decide to have children, there can be some complications. While it is possible to insert the implants without disrupting the mammary glands responsible for producing breast milk, women with these implants can still develop problems. The main concern is that the breast milk can be contaminated from the implants. If the fluid from the filler leaks out of the silicone casing, it can enter the breast milk and the infant's digestive system Authentic Hayden Hurst Jersey , causing problems. While there has been little evidence indicating that this has happened, women considering breast augmentation should consider this possibility. Any change to appearance should be carefully thought about. Removing breast implants is an expensive and painful surgery, making it much easier for the patient to experience infections and other complicati. Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping   Cheap NFL Jerseys From China   Cheap Soccer Jerseys China   Cheap NCAA Football Jerseys   Cheap Soccer Jerseys China   Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys   Cheap New NFL Jerseys   Cheap NBA Jerseys China



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