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highest levels of standards must be obs.

The photo shows scientists with the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences receiving data from a Chinese satellite Cheap Jake Arrieta Jersey , December 25, 2015. [Photo: www.dfic]
BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- A leading Chinesescience-technology institution announced Tuesday that it was goingto establish a deep-space lab in Luxembourg.

The lab will focus on the coordinated design and analysis ofdeep-space probes, as well as the development of key technologiesin exploring and utilizing space resources in the solar system,according to a press release from the National Space Science Center(NSSC) with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

A memorandum of the cooperation was signed by the NSSC and theLuxembourg Ministry of the Economy Tuesday.

The memorandum also made arrangements on the operation of thelab and intellectual property rights.

Luxembourg launched a government initiative in 2016 to supportthe utilization of space resources.

BEIJING Cheap Miguel Montero Jersey , Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- China's Minister of Justice Zhang Jun has underscored the importance of the Communist Party of China (CPC) leadership of lawyers, calling it the "soul of the country's legal system."

Zhang's remarks were made at a recent forum for lawyers and published in Friday's edition of the People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the CPC.

Strengthening Party leadership of the work of lawyers is by no means just a slogan, nor a matter of expediency, Zhang said Cheap Anthony Rizzo Jersey , adding that it fully accords with the national conditions and is an arrangement of the political system concerning the long-term development of the role of lawyers.

Zhang said the 19th CPC National Congress set the direction for reform and development of the role of lawyers. The report adopted at the congress stated that "the Party exercises overall leadership over all areas of endeavor in every part of the country."

The minister asked lawyers to closely study the report and thoroughly understand it.

Zhang said that Party leadership is the most fundamental nature of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the basic guarantee for socialist rule of law.

In this regard, strengthening Party building among lawyers is "the core part and fundamental measure" in deepening reform of the legal system, the minister said.

If this issue cannot be resolved, it will be inevitable that lawyers are influenced by Western legal systems, he said.

"We must adhere to Party leadership so as to develop the role of lawyers and strengthen self discipline among lawyers Cheap Addison Russell Jersey ," Zhang said.

In August 2017, China had more than 330,000 lawyers and over 26,000 law firms.

XIANGHE, Hebei Province Cheap Jason Heyward Jersey , Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- China's vice sports minister and ex-table tennis player Cai Zhenhua was elected president of the Chinese Football Association (CFA) here on Tuesday.

In the first reshuffle of the CFA executive board in a decade, Cai was elected unopposed to replace the 75-year-old Yuan Weimin, who had remained as CFA president since 1992.

Cai, 53, will be faced with the daunting task of revitalizing the sport in the world's most populous country.

"There are so many heavy tasks and time is limited. I just want to say three words: determination Cheap Ben Zobrist Jersey , confidence and perseverance," said the former table tennis world champion and national team coach.

"What I am saying is not a slogan. By determination I mean I will put in real efforts to set goals and to bring Chinese soccer back to its right track.

"The stern reality of Chinese soccer forces us to make complete changes. I am burdened with a colosal task," Cai added.

China's men's soccer team only qualifed for one World Cup in 2002, when they lost all three group matches without scoring a goal. The team is now struggling in the 92nd in FIFA world rankings.

The Chinese women's side, once hailed as the "Steel Roses" Cheap Kris Bryant Jersey , has fallen from their heights in the late 1990s - 1996 Olympics runners-up and 1999 World Cup silver medalists - to the bottom in 2004 Athens Olympics, losing 8-0 to Germany in the group phase.

Both the teams failed to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics.

Cai won four world championships titles in his playing days and achieved greater success as a coach. He brought the Chinese men's table tennis team back to the top after he took over in 1991, and laid the foundation for China's dominance in world championships and Olympic Games in the past two decades.

Cai was promoted to the vice presient of the State General Administration of Sports in 2007.

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